What we know so far

We are currently working with both school districts to ensure we reach all the critical communities & offer food on the days the district can not! This information will be updated ON OUR EVENTS PAGE! The districts will not be able to provide lunches every day, unfortunately. We do not yet know how long this shut down will extend for, at this moment we are focused on the 3-week plan set forth by the Governer. If this changes, our plans may also shift, so come back for updates! 

Volunteer Opportunities

We will be distributing lunches on the days the schools are not- (may vary by district)
The goal is to provide sack lunches & family bags by means of PORCH DROP OFF to avoid the possibility of spreading the virus and counteracting the purpose of the shutdown. Click here for the available dates & volunteer opportunities! 

Where will the food come from?

The food will be provided by generous donations from our community members, local stores and restaurants. We will be posting a list of our commercial donors as they come in. Your assistance is greatly needed! And no amount is too small! A list of donatable items is below! 

Pasta, pasta sauce, canned meals, boxed meals, tuna, veggie cans, oatmeal, cereal, juice, protein snacks like jerky, slim jims, etc, Mac n cheese bowls, boxed mac n cheese, granola bars, rice, beans, etc. NON PERISHABLE items ONLY, please! 

Drop off locations are available at the following addresses:

377 Forward Pass Rd - Beechwood trails - TOTE DROP OFF in front of the home.

6368 Summit Rd SW- Summit Station area-  TOTE DROP OFF on front porch.

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 Every few dollars buys a child a lunch meal for one day, no amount is too small!  

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