Items you can donate


Breakfast Items

Cereal, granola,  oatmeal, pancake mix, muffin mixes, pop tarts & other shelf life breakfast items

Lunch & Dinner Items

Pasta, pasta sauce, hamburger helper, rice, beans, canned veggies, tuna, microwave rice, soups, peanut butter, jelly, bread, bagels, tortillas, rice cakes, etc

Other pantry staples

Flour, sugar, alternative sweeteners, oil, spices, condiments (ketchup, mayo, hot sauce etc), tea, coffee, etc


Canned / individual servings of fruit, granola bars, snack packets of crackers, cookies, and other kids snacks, pudding, jello, jerky, slim jim, etc


Kid friendly drinks either individual servings or bottles for the whole family. Packets or containers of koolaid, lemonade, sweet tea etc are also great! 

Baby Items

Baby food, infant cereal & snacks, diapers (and pull-ups), and wipes are in high demand! 

Personal Hygiene

If you have personal Hygiene items to donate we will distribute these as well!


We had a couple of families with very specific needs/requests.

*** My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome, ADHD, Sensory Processing disorder in which the last diagnosis causes her to not eat if it is something that does not "look" pleasant. (Certain textures, consistencies, colors) which cause her be vitamin D deficient amongst other digestive problems.(chronic constipation) When she doesn't have enough to eat I like to have handy protein drinks.(pediasure, ensure, generic brands) I have not been able to get any due to having to stock up on other stuff. If possible chocolate is the preferable flavor for her. She might drink strawberry. Also if possible powdered benefiber. Generic is fine also. She cannot swallow pills yet so I cannot give her stool softeners. Thank you & bless you.  

**** Gerber Soothe formula or any gentle formula for gas and fussiness, Infant gas drops

***Bottled son has a nickel allergy. We have well water and he breaks out into hives when drinking it.

*** Almond milk

Several requests for:

*** Cleaning supplies

*** Toilet paper & paper towels

***Educational materials

***Craft supplies

Donation Drop Off Locations

Currently, we have 2 drop off locations that are open 24/7! Our volunteers have places totes with lids on their front porches to collect donations- contact free- to ensure compliance with social distancing measures. We check these often!

Deb - Beechwood Trails area (East side of Pataskala)

377 Forward Pass Rd SW, Pataskala OH 43062

Corner house, Grey tote- clearly marked in front of the doorstep.

Jerika - Summit Station area (West side of Pataskala)

6368 Summit rd SW, Pataskala OH 43062

Brick house next to the blessing box, Black & yellow totes left on the porch.

Donate Instead

Cant get out to drop off donations of food? We would be happy to grab these items from the store if you wish to donate instead!